Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New stuff

The kids are back into the swing of things at school (this is their first full week back) and I have been busy, busy, busy making some new stuff.   I have been creating lots of new Sophie's,   she's been a busy gal!   I have not had a chance to make up any projects with the digital stamps yet but I also have her as colored clip art so you can see just how pretty she can be! 

Key to My Heart Digital Stamp $1.95                      Key to My Heart Digital Clip Art $1.95       


Love Letter Digital Clip art $1.95                               Love Letter Digital Stamp $1.95

I'm having issues with pictures tonight...I'm 100% sure it is operator error so I am going to give it up for tonight.  I will post more tomarrow morning.   Have a great night!

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