Saturday, January 14, 2012

Did you know? and More Valentines

Did you know that the collage sheets on my instant download website are $2.00 a sheet rather than $2.50 that is charged in my Etsy shop.  "Why less?" you may ask.. well on my instant load website I am not charged a listing fee or a selling fee so I give the savings back to the customer.  Also the best part is that as soon as payment is received you will be redirected back to my site and will be able to download your order immediately.  No waiting on me to email things and since I do not have to spend the extra time emailing orders that also helps with the cost reduction.   I still offer all the great deals I have on etsy... Buy 3 get 1 free..  Buy 4 get 2 free ....  etc.   Pretty much everything that is in my etsy shop is on my website.  If you can not find it just send me a message and I will get it loaded into the shop or help you find it.

I have been working on Valentines images.  I have a really cute Forest Critter Valentine collage sheet that is available in all the popular sizes.  They are listed on both etsy and my website.

Here is a link to 1 inch squares at ink and whimsy Forest Critter Valentine  To find the other sizes just put Forest Critter Valentine in the search box.   You can find it on Etsy by going to shop and putting the same title in the search box.      

I also have these cute little critters available in Clip art,  also a Non Valentine version.  I will have the non valentine version collage sheet hopefully in the next couple days.   I do not have the clip art in my website yet,  I should have it there to marrow evening.

 We are having our first measurable snow storm of the year.. a whopping 1.5 inches.  This is not the norm, we usually have much colder temps and more snow by this time of the winter.  The kids were happy they had a 2 hour delay this morning and are hoping that by morning there will be enough to go sledding.  We will be making a trip to Target in the morning in search of new sleds and shoes for Brice.  Yes I know it is shocking the exciting life I lead on weekends. :-)    HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!! 

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