About Me

I have been a crafter for as long as I can remember, I got it from my mother,(an amazing artist). I was a sissor papers scrapbooker since my first son was born in 1997 but in 2005 I fell head over heels for digital scrapbooking. I started teaching myself how to make my own papers and elemts soon after I switched over. In 2009 I opened my etsy shop using my papers and elements to make digital collage sheets for pendant makers. In 2010 I started taking graphic arts classes at a local collage and learned to use the "adobe suite" which has opened a whole new world to me.

I have just recently added Digital stamps to my shop and have taken the plunge and opened up my own website were you can download your intantly after purchase. By the first of the year I am hoping to be adding clear polymer stamps to my shop.

I just recently decided that as my business as growing and moving in a new direction that the name EyesView just doesn't fit my artwork. I came up with that name when I was using my photography to make photos for sale but decided to not sell them, I stuck with the name rather than open a new etsy shop. My new company name Ink and Whimsy suits my work and future goals much better. :-)

You can visit my website at: www.inkandwhimsy.com

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