Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lots of new stuff

Hello everyone!  I hope you have had a wonderful week.  I have been busy, busy, this week.   First up is  Mixed Media Hearts Collage sheet,  Perfect for Valentines day or any other time.    I am an absalute Photoshop junkie...and I mean JUNKIE,  there is alway something new to learn in that program.
Below is a sample of the the heart that drew and then after getting my Photoshop "FIX".  I had so much fun making up these hearts.

What I started with:

What I ended with (did I mention I LOVE photoshop?)

Here is the Collage sheet, it is availabe on both my website and etsy (search Heart to Heart)

Next Up is SOPHIE... She's ready for a journey:  

Clip art comes with both,  My husband and I were at odds over her dress so I decided to include her in both the Fabulous Sunny mango print and the more elegent subdued blue.  Comes with both Sentiments also.  Isn't she so cute, thoughtfully pondering where her journey will take her?    She is available at my website:  Sophie Bon Voyage  

Also available as a Digital Stamp ready for you to put your own artistic twist on it: 

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