Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Years to everyone!   I hope this new year brings you Peace, Love, Joy, Prosperity and Happiness!  
We are not big New Years Party people.  We stayed up long enough to see the ball drop on Fountain Square and then within 5 minutes we heading to bed.  We don't lead a very exciting life style! LOL 

The kids start back to school on Tuesday,  I am not anxious for them to go back, they are at a very fun age but I do miss being on a routine.  I am a person that very much needs to have a routine and todo lists, without them I seem to flounder... If I had a tail I would be chasing it in circles... which I have been doing for the most part of the past two weeks.    I did however get photos from 2008-2011 sorted and made 8 photobooks.   I used  this time around since their books were half off.  Even at half off ordering 8 books LOADED with pictures induced "sticker shock" when I saw the final price.  BUT if you break that total down by year it wasn't too way of justifying the cost.  I vow to NEVER fall that far behind on pictures again.    Well I still have 2003-2006 to get caught up on but they are the last years that I used a film camera so I sort through prints and scan them and I am just not up to that challenge.  I am putting that on my todo list for the year though.

I hope everyone had a Great Holiday Season and I will be back in routine soon, which means I will have some new items in my shop.  I have some very cute SOPHIE digital stamps for Valentines day almost ready to go!  :-)

And one last thought about this new year:

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