Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Friday!!   Tonight have a new clip art set.   I was making a digital stamp and it turned out super cute (in my  opinion) so I decided to make it into a clip art set also.  I will hopefully have the digital stamp set ready tomarrow along with a card sample.   I made the digital stamp for a Baby shower for my cousin whose shower is Sunday afternoon.  She is expecting twins.  We don't know what she's having yet, she wants it to be a surprise.  This will be the third set of twins in our family.  It runs through my mothers side of the family and it skips generations.  It is my generations turn at it.   I had the first set,  then my 3 youngest cousin  had twins and now the 5th to oldest cousin is having them.  It is kind of neat my grandmother had 5 children 3 girls, 2 boys and all three of the girls have a daughter that had twins, pretty niffty huh? :-)

Here is a look at my new Peas in a Pod clip art (sorry for the ugly water marks, I hate having to do that!)  The cute little poem is an original :0)

You can find these images at my website here:   Peas in A Pod

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