Thursday, August 23, 2012


Summer break is officially over...  It went out with a bang (literally, you'll see below).  This morning the boys  groaned and moaned, didn't want to get up but after dragging themselves out of bed and working through their check list they started to get a little excited... just a wee bit, but not much more.   They are twins and this is their first year not having the same "switch teachers"  they are not even on the same floor of the building this year.  I think I am more anxious about than they are.   The house eerily quiet,  the cats are all napping out in the open with fear of being "messed" with, and still am having a trouble getting motivated.   So I decided to show you all some new stuff I have created.

First up though,  I have to explain the "bang".   Yesterday I asked the boys what they wanted for dinner and they both asked for Spaghetti squash with sauce.  NOT a problem... well at least in the past it hasn't but last night was Epic squash fail.   I poked vent holes into the squash and set it for 10 min on high like I have always done in the past.  After about 8 minutes we hear this "WOMPFF"  Sounded kind of like when you open the valve on the gas tank for the girl and then after a minute light the grill with a match... WOMPFF...  So we hear the WOMPFF,  the boys go running into the kitchen and throw open the microwave door.    Let me just say... I was a ROCK STAR as far as the boys were concerned.  That squash EXPLODED out one side,  the guts of the squash were all spilled out (looking JUST like spaghetti noodles,  it was stuck to the sides hanging down from the top and all over the bottom of the microwave and the boys are looking at me with their mouths hanging open saying "Mom,  THAT was awesome",  "this is SO COOL"  and Jacob went running for his camera and started taking pictures of the squash carnage like he was part of the Paparazzi.  He even took a self portrait with the carnage behind him....  I have to say that Last night this was not nearly as amusing as it is today,  the clean up was something awful!   So for your viewing pleasure...  squash carnage...

Jacob and the carnage... he is all sorts of goofy 

Looks just like real spaghetti!
Was lovley having to scrape it off the top of the microwave.

So important lesson learned,  when popping vent holes into squash make sure you go ALL the way through to the soft part.

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