Saturday, March 24, 2012

It Happened....

So, it happened.. I let my twins get me swept up into the hunger games.  The three of us read the book and this afternoon I took them to see the movie.  After finding our seats,  the furthest back we could get from the screen was the 4th row,  I was reminded why I never take them to the movies during opening weekend of any highly anticipated show.   We were so up close and in the middle of the high speed action that Jacob and I were both a bit green around the gills by the end of the show with motion sickness and Brice was making fun of us for being so "lame".  Gotta love 12 year olds...

Well the movie did not disappoint.  Of course it did not follow the book exactly like most movies from books.    Many parts were left out of the book,  either because the length was already 2.5 hours long and they could not fit it in or because there is so much "internal emotion, drama" that goes on that there really isn't anyway to include it all.   The end vote from the three of us was the book was better.. of course.  There has only been 1 book to movie were the movie was almost better and that was "the help".

But that being said the movie was very good and Stanley Tucci and Woody Harelson were FANTASTIC.  Tucci just has this smile that just cracks me up.  Woody Harelson played the character Hamitch.  Hamitch is one of those characters that you can't really hate but you don't really like either.  He's kind of like an abused Pit Bull.  You feel so bad for them because someone hurt them and made them mean and cantankerous and you know you should like them, but they are hard if not impossible to love and you wouldn't want to take them in.  Harelson put a lot in to this character and although he is mean and cantankerous he gave the character quite a few redeeming qualities.  Well I'll stop before I spoil the movie for anyone.   Just one last bit,  if you are on the fence about going to see it,  you should go! :-)

Next up is the Lego show at the Cinergy Building Downtown Cincinnati tomorrow.   I have not told the boys were we are going so it should be a real fun surprise for them tomorrow. 

I have 2 new party kits finished starting on a 3rd.  Hoping to have the photo shoot Monday or Tuesday and everything listed by Wed.  Kind of an ambitious plan but this is the last week before Spring break and that week we will be spending in Virginia, taking the boys to visit there grandparents.

Here is a preview of the two new party kits,  One baby shower,  One Birthday/Luau

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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