Wednesday, February 1, 2012


My Etsy shop will be closed for the next 7-10 days.  My Instant Download website will remain open:  Most all sheets and clip art is available on my website and most items are less expensive... collage sheets are $1.75  rather than $2.50    Visit my website at

 On Friday My oldest son is having spinal surgery (metal rods affixed to his spine to fix his scoliosis) and I will be at the hospital with him until he is discharged.  We are very worried and concerned about this surgery, it's VERY invasive and comes with lots of risks.  He has already been through so much (stroke at birth, seizures, left hemisphectomy at the age of 4... just to name a few) If you are the praying type we would appreciate prayers for his surgeons to have steady hands and for Sam's recovery to be swift.  If not we would love for you to send good thoughts and positive energy his way.

Here is a picture taken at Christmas of my three handsome boys.  Sam I am is the oldest at 14 and the twins Jacob and Brice (in the middle)   are 11 soon to be 12. 

See you all again in a week or so!


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