Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One Word

I have been surfing others blogs lately,  it's amazing how many interesting things you find!  I found on quite a few a common thread, talking about One word for the year.   I'm not sure were this originated  from so I do not have all the information about this "movement" but I got the gist of it... I think.   For the new year instead of Making a bunch of resolutions that are easily broken or forgotten,  You choose a word that expresses how you want to change your life etc.  I'm sure that is a VERY watered down version of it.   I just LOVE THIS!  I have really never been one for New Years Resolutions,  life is hard enough without intentionally setting myself up for an epic fail
intentionally! :-) 

I have spent the last few days thinking what I most want to work on and improve about myself and that would not only be beneficial to me but also my family.   I have it down to two words,  but I want to give it another day before I commit to it,  I'll let you know tomorrow, because I just know everyone is on the edge of their seats in anticipation.  -)

For  2012 What is your "ONE WORD" going to be???   Please share!!!

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