Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Please Do not feed the animals and Monster high...ish

Been a bit since I posted lasted.  Had a busy week here with the kids school things.  Saturday we took the kids to see the Pompeii exhibit and Cincinnati Union Termal,  it was AMAZING and I highly recommend it if it comes to an area near you.  It does not have too many stops planned in the U.S so I feel very fortunatley to have had the opprotunity to see it.  

I have been keeping myself busy though and have 2 new clip art sets (which will both soon be party kits in the very near future).  First for the "do no feed the animals" warning,  is a super cute collection of Jungle animals called "jungle cuties".

These are avalable in my etsy shop for $5.00 

Next up the Monster High...ish set called Girly Punk.  This set was inspired by the monster high
cartoon series,  Of course I can't use the actual monster high characters and logo because of copyright infridgement stuff but these are a cute compliment to it.

These are available in my etsy shop for $4.50

Hope everyone is having a great week!!

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