Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mr. Rabbit, Mr Rabbit, Please Wait Mr. Rabbit.....

After 2 weeks of working on Alice in Wonderland projects I am just about finished and am climbing out of the Rabbit hole.  I have a few things I still want to make but all the images are finished and it will not take long to put together the rest of them.  The biggest Project is the:
 Alice in Wonderland Party KIT   This is a DIYprintable party kit with Editable text Fields so you can customize the invitation, banner, cupcake toppers and such.   This is a Delux kit,  it's huge really! :0)
So many things to choose from to decorate the perfect party!

I did a photo shoot of the party,  my twins call it "fake party day",  they just love it because they get to eat the cupcakes!

Here are photos of the kit:

Lots of photos...  It's a bit of a problem I have..can never have too many photos.  :-)

I will have the Characters available as a clip art collection, and digital stamps soon and also I will be putting together a collage sheet for making pendants soon as well. 

Hope everyone is have a great week!

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