Monday, February 27, 2012

Did you know

Did you know that there are 4 etsy shops that make up Ink and Whimsy? 

There is the graphics shop Inkandwhimsy2  were you can find collage sheet of images in diffrent sizes for making jewelry, such as scrabble tile pendants,  also you will find clip art and digital scrapbooking papers. 

There is the digital stamp shop InkandWhimsyStamps  This is a newer shop were all the Sophie digital stamps and digital stamps made out of some of my clip art.

There is the Printable Party Kit Shop ThePartyChick  This shop has super cool printable party kits most of which (and soon to be all of which) have customizable text fields so you can fill in the invitations and envelopes,  make a banner say whatever you want add your own sayings to the cupcake toppers etc.

Then lastly there is the Gift shop were my twins and  I use my graphics to make wine charms, pocket mirror, magnets and such TweebsNco (currently the shop is on vacation) We usually work on the items for this shop during summer break and the boys are earning money working on it for their 6th grade trip to space camp.

And Also there is my Website Ink and Whimsy were most everything at the etsy graphic shop is available for instant download and most items are less expensive.  Collage sheets are $1.75 each.

Now for some new things!

First up is the Newest collage sheet,  it is available in lots of sizes   It's called Welcome to my garden you can find them Here  These are photos I have taken of my back yard flower garden and also while on some Spring hikes in the woods with my family and at some local parks.  These would make such pretty pendants or magnets for Mothers day gifts.  I gave them a water color feel.  I love them so much I will be having some printed out large to frame and hang in my den. 

Next Up  is  two new Printable DIY- editable text party kits  Blooming  This would be so pretty for a birthday party,  Mother's day Tea,  Garden party etc.

And for the boys here is a Very Cool SPACE  Printable DIY-text editable Party kit.


Well that's all the new previews for tonight.  I have some new Sophie's to share and some card samples to share tonight.  Have a great night everyone!

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